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You get THREE Online Videos and THREE Corresponding PDFs. PLUS a BONUS Resource List!

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Why do you feel the way you do about sex? What has impacted that? This video and the corresponding PDF help you unpack what it will take to embrace a positive sexual mindset.


Your Sexual Pleasure

Do you struggle experiencing arousal and orgasmic pleasure on a consistent basis? This video and the corresponding PDF help you see why your pleasure is as important as your husband's... and what you can do to experience it!


Your Sexual Connection

Ultimately, THIS is what this video series is about... getting to the point where you BOTH enjoy sex to the fullest and recognize the difference it makes in your relationship. Video three and the corresponding PDF look closely at sexual connection.


I am hopeful this JUMPSTART truly will be that... a commitment to lifelong learning of enjoyable sexual intimacy.  That's why I've included a Bonus Resource List to better equip you on that journey!

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