As a married couple, are you ready to do a deep dive into better intimacy?

I designed this in-depth video series as an OPPORTUNITY for you as husband and wife. 

YES! An opportunity to grow closer... emotionally, physically and spiritually!

This opportunity includes FIVE on-line videos and FIVE PDFs, plus a BONUS VIDEO and a Resource List!

This is about the two of you taking an intentional step toward better sexual intimacy.

I want that for you. Don't you want that for you?

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YES, Julie! We Want BETTER SEX in Our Marriage!

Ready to invest in your marriage?

This could be the encouragement and resources that truly transform your sexual connection!

Will you make that commitment to each other? This is an opportunity to intentionally strengthen your marriage.

You're married. Don't you want the best sex possible?

God designed sex to be a path to pleasure and oneness for the two of you. This program gets at the heart of what it will take for you both to experience that.

I'm Julie Sibert... 

As a Christian wife, speaker and author, I absolutely love this topic of sex in marriage!

I hear from Christians probably very similar to you... they want more authentic and passionate sexual connection in their marriage, but aren't quite sure how to get there.

I have a heart to unpack not only the common struggles that trip couples up, but also the helpful insights and solutions!

YES, Julie! We Want BETTER SEX in Our Marriage!

You get FIVE On-line Videos and FIVE Corresponding PDFs. PLUS a BONUS VIDEO and a Resource List!

Here's what you will receive... 


What's Your Perspective on Sex?

This is designed to get both of you thinking about why you feel the way you do about sex. More goes into your perspective than you probably realize. Better understanding this helps you better understand each other.


What Does God Say About Sex and Marriage?

For too long, society and the world have hijacked sex. But when we dig deep into God's Word and heart, we see a passionate gift for you and your spouse.


How Much Sexual Freedom Do We Have? 

When I speak on sex, this question comes up A LOT! What can we do sexually as a married couple? This video explores the immense freedom you have as a married couple to pursue and enjoy sexual pleasure with each other in the exclusivity of your marriage.


Fabulous Benefits of Sex in Marriage 

Too many couples are missing out on what authentic sexual intimacy can bring to their relationship. Nurtured sexual intimacy has countless benefits that you could be experiencing!


Tips on Enjoying the Best Sex! 

It IS possible to experience a God-honoring passionate sexual connection. I'm going to give you some specific tips on on building that connection and experience profound sexual pleasure.


This bonus video is simply a candid discussion about the genitals! I offer up a few suggestions on becoming more comfortable with each other's genitals AND communicating specifically what feels good!

If you want great sex... which I know you do... then the two of you are going to have to become incredibly comfortable exploring and learning about each other's most intimate areas. This video encourages you to do just that!


I've included a PDF of additional resources you may find helpful as you grow closer in your sexual connection.

YES, Julie! We Are Ready to Be Intentional About Sex!

What if this opportunity... 

  • Is exactly what you both need right now?

  • Gives you tips you can actually put into practice TODAY?

  • Renews your desire for each other?

  • Deepens your commitment?

  • Opens you up to passion and pleasure?

  • Ushers you into sex as God designed it?

Wouldn't it be a worthy investment?!

YES, Julie! We Want BETTER SEX in Our Marriage!

I could charge several hundred dollars for this program. But I want it to be a reasonable investment.

This multi-video and PDF resource is only $139. Think about your marriage and growing in your sexual connection.

When you consider how precious and sacred your marriage is, investing in it with a resource like this just makes good sense.

This really is about making an investment in your relationship.

As you know, a strong marriage doesn't just happen. You have to be intentional. You have to be willing to put in the effort.

I could have asked a lot more for this multi-video and PDF opportunity. 

But I wanted it to be a reasonable investment. That's why I'm asking you to invest $139.

Once you go through the videos and do the PDFs, you will see new pathways to a stronger sexual connection in your marriage!

Even if you pick up just a handful of helpful insights to benefit your marriage, this program is worth it!

We are READY! We Want to Invest in Our Marriage!

If your sexual intimacy hasn't been what you desire, you CAN start from where you are right now. You can take the incremental steps that will make a difference.

Together, the two of you CAN do the intentional work to build something that looks radically better than what you are experiencing right now.

But you have to make that choice.

Are you ready?

YES! We CAN Do This! We Want Better Sex in Our Marriage!